Victory Jewellery and Goldsmith Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 3rd October 1990 for the purpose of manufacturing of gold ornaments and retailing. The idea of expanding downstream in the manufacture of jewellery was mooted by the fact that the country was in dire need of proper waste management particularly in the field of waste recycling and recovery. For the purpose of such activities, the Company's name was hence changed to Victory Recovery Sdn Bhd on 22nd June 2000 and ever since the Company's involvement and commitment in the scheduled and non-scheduled waste recovery activities have progressed steadily.


As the Company's name suggests, the nature of business is to recover and to recycle industrial scraps material or wastes which have high commercial value but this requires license from the Department of Environment to collect, transport and recover these scheduled wastes.

Therefore, with the setting of this proposed recovery plant, many industries which generate such wastes need not bear the costs to dispose off the wastes, but may instead recover costs as in the case of silver or gold  sludge/solution which have high commercial value.

Generally, the common precious metals which are recovered from the electronic and scheduled waste are gold, silver, palladium and nickel. The recovered products will be in the form of bars or ingots with at least 99.5% purity for all precious metal.

The establishment  of the proposed precious metals and non-ferrous wastes recovery plant will contribute significantly to the management of scheduled wastes such as precious metals waste, solder dross & photographic waste in the country will hence reduce the practice of indiscriminate waste dumping and ultimately contribute towards protection of the environment against land contamination and water pollution.

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